What people say?

“I was impressed with Lance’s musical skill, but drawn to his passion for the Lord and utter dependence upon the Holy Spirit. His work is refreshing, motivating and as it should be at times, convicting.
Jeff Cavins
Immediately you feel that there’s something powerful and supernatural about this music! It connects with your spirit and speaks to your heart!
Marc R.
I first learned how to worship the Lord through Lance’s music. It touched my soul and helped me to express a longing for that deep connection with the Lord. I am forever grateful.
Rhonda K.
Immediately you feel that there’s something powerful and supernatural about this music! It connects with your spirit and speaks to your heart!
Marc R
Lance has a unique gift to craft songs that are timeless & memorable. He gathers an All-Star cast of musicians to create some of the best songs in Christian Music.
Dave K.
The first time I heard Lance’s music, tears rolled down my cheeks not for sadness but joy at knowing there is hope and light drives away the darkness, and I am loved. My past didn’t define me, and I learned I am no longer a victim of human trafficking and more than a survivor.
Mary J.
This music is like drinking a glass of sunshine and good feelings, it immediately brings a tap to your toe and makes you wanna smile!
Nathan F.
“The creative music that Lance shares with listeners is on the top of the charts! Original, unique and inspiring. Lance’s concerts are spiritual moments that penetrate the hearers heart”
Jeff H.
“Lance’s music is creative, fresh and high energy. A true craftsman who stands out in the age of cookie cutter sound-alike music. A musical risk taker whose risks pay off in a big way.
Kris C.
Lance is a true artist. As his music has evolved over the years, it has continually drawn me in to a deeper desire to worship God with my entire life. I give thanks to God for calling Lance into sharing his gifts in this way, many will be blessed through it.
Eric G.
Lance’s music is dripping with the anointing of the Holy Spirit and the love of God. It’s not just a guy and his instrument. It’s something supernatural and it changes you.
Emily L
Lance is the most gifted songwriter, singer, musician and front man I have ever known. Totally gifted by God.
Dan M.
If you’re looking for songs/music that will get you closer to God or help with your journey to being a Christian look no further than Lance. Lance is truly one of the most sincere and passionate Christians that I have ever met.
Cameron W.
Lance’s music is heartfelt, passionate, polished, and personal. It will grab you, pull you in emotionally, and bring you along for a great adventure!
Shawn S.
Lance’s voice, artistry and uncanny ability to do the amazing, combined with his creativity and feeling of the song is unlike any other male vocalist I've ever heard. It's just perfect and epic!  Simply brilliant!
Calvin J.
There's a driving, inner energy that infuses every one of Lances songs - a presence that holds you in the ballads and lifts your soul above your head in the rock anthems!
Paul E.
When funk meets Faith! Lance’s music is finger snapping and toe tapping good! It has great grooves with meaningful lyrics and makes a guy want to dance!
Joe R.
The Psalmist tells us that the steadfast heart is the one that sings and praises. For Lance, this is no less true; music is not work for him, but a seamless connection from a steadfast heart, rooted in Christ.
Steven C.
Lance’s music has touched the hearts of many people looking for spiritual answers to life’s issues throughout the years. His writing and arrangements are an audible pleasure to the spirit and mind. Lance continues to perform, arrange and write music that encourages people to success.
Russell N.
Lance’s music is fresh, and original, with grit and color. I love his versatility in style while staying relevant to music lovers across generations.
Brent G.
Lance has a way of connecting with people spiritually through his music. Listening to him feels like celebrating with a friend.
Tatum M.
Lance’s powerful music simultaneously holds the heart and shakes the soul. It’s dynamic and innovative music with a message that resonates deep in your spirit.
Elden R.
Lance’s music spans a rich and wide range of styles and formats, and through all of these, his musicality and lyrics are truly delightful and compelling - a rare gift among musicians today.
Marti N.
Thought provoking music with heart felt lyrics, and top-notch production quality. More importantly Lance is an artist with a desire to please God and make disciples of all people.
Abe R.
Lance’s gift of music does not disappoint. The passion behind what he sings touches the heart and leads the listeners straight to the Holy Spirit.
Nicole W.
Lance is an artist who touches your soul with his music through his enthusiastic passion in everything he does, both on and off the stage. His heart to bring people to God is evident through the songs he writes and the music he makes. Each song conveys a message that our lives belong to the Lord, and Lance's music reminds us how much we need the Lord’s presence through our daily walk with Him.
Kristen F.
Lance has an ear for a catchy melody, a knack for writing intelligent lyrics and the ability to put them all together in such a way that it speaks to people of all demographics. In short, he is a true artist.
Mike D.
Lance Nielsen has a genuine passion for music and ministry. He has dedicated his talents and energies to sharing the powerful love of Jesus by example. He is a valuable asset in the building of God’s kingdom on earth.
Denis G.
Lance's songs tend to jump right out at me with energy and say the things I'm feeling and remind me we all have similar stupid human behaviors that we can't fix on our own.
Rene C.
“Lance’s music has been a blessing in my life for years. He has a way of painting a picture with music and lyrics that draws you in and keeps you listening.
Laura M.