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Experience the power, love , and reality of God 

through original MUSIC, WORSHIP & SPEAKING.

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Lance Edward has been bringing his wildly eclectic style of music and ministry to audiences for the last 25 years. His outrageous honesty, humbling sincerity and witty humor along with his unapologetic love and pursuit of God, leaves you with a renewed sense of purpose, hope and confidence of faith.

Whether he’s performing original music, leading worship, public speaking or training others, Lance is committed to feeding dreams and unlocking potential in Christ.

I have dedicated my life to helping those who hunger for God find personal freedom, overcome life’s challenges, navigate spiritual obstacles and fulfill their calling. It is a privilege to inspire, motivate and equip a new generation of faithful believers to experience and follow God in supernatural and life-changing ways. Through prayer, music, and training, I continue to feed dreams and unlock potential in Christ.

Lance Edward

Founder ~ Ministry Arts Academy

Artistry and ministry have always been held in equally high esteem for Lance. Over the years I’ve watched him strive tirelessly to always achieve world class excellence in both areas. This passion continues to fuel him and has lead him to becoming a invaluable mentor for the next generation wanting to minister through of the art of music.

~ Phil Joel


I was impressed with Lance’s musical skill but drawn to his passion for the Lord and utter dependence upon the Holy Spirit. His work is refreshing, motivating, and as it should be at times, convicting.”

~ Jeff Cavins



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